She says her friend wants to watch also, she opens the door and in walks my former STEP MOTHER!

By far the most embarrassing, humiliating,, and shameful time of my entire life.

I was sitting on a chair in my friend Stacie’s bedroom, I am completely naked, I am stroking my rock hard dick, and she is sitting on the bed watching me. Her friend that wanted to watch was on the way. The doorbell rang Stacie got up went to the front door, I heard voices coming down the hallway, and in walks Stacie and her friend. I couldn’t believe it was her, I froze up, staring at her. Maybe 10 seconds passed before I heard her voice call out my name. There stood my former step-mother, Pat, watching as I beat my meat. I started to reach for my clothes and Pat said there was no way I was going to stop beating off. She told Stacie about how she knew me.
I lived with her and her daughters for around 5 years when I first moved to California to live with my dad. It was at least 15 years since the last time I had seen her, and she has been divorced from my dad for about 16 years now.
When I was fifteen and moved to California my step-mother was fairly hot, her three daughters, all of which were older than me were way fucking hot, and they all knew it. They would give me a hard time because I was younger, and because I didn’t have many friends as I had just moved here. They constantly would put me down, and always would tease me while flaunting their bodies. I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to move out of that house.
My Step mother sits down on the bed a couple of feet away from me, compliments me on my big cock, and says she wants to watch me jerk-off. I can feel my face turn completely red, and I begin having problems keeping my dick hard. She notices this and begins talking dirty to me, she lifts her shirt and starts rubbing her tits together, while she is doing this she is teasing me about being embarrassed and turning bright red and that she is watching me masturbate. After a few minutes the shock wears off and I am able to continue beating off with a rock hard cock, like I always do. My step mom continues to talk dirty and even begins telling me how she wants me to stroke my cock, and how she wants me to sit so she can see the show better.
After a little bit she takes off her shirt and bra, puts my face between her tits, and I am trying to keep from cumming as my face bounces between a real nice set of tits. She runs her tits down my chest until my cock is sitting between them as she holds them together and titty fucks me for a couple of minutes. When she stops she puts her shirt back on, guzzles her drink, and starts telling me to stroke it harder, then starts telling me how pathetic I was when I moved out here, and how she still didn’t think I was good enough to fuck anyone as hot as she was, how much she was enjoying seeing me with my cock in my hand, jerking off in front of her. She has me tell her how much I like her tits, how much I want to fuck her hot body. She tells me how pathetic I am, and that I am not good enough to fuck her, she has me describe, in detail what I like about her hot body, and what I want to do to her, and she laughs in my face the whole time I am talking.
She then has me admit I used to beat off thinking about her and her daughters hot bodies when I was younger. I describe for her what I used to do, how often I beat off, and what I was thinking about, and which of them I fantasized about the most. I admit and talk about how nothing has changed, I still want to fuck them and I am still jerking off instead.
She seemed amused by what I had to say and wanted me to tell her what I thought of her now, and how much I wanted to fuck her, and what parts I liked most, and why I wasn’t worthy of pussy as hot she is.
I couldn’t take any more and came all over the place. Pat thought it was the funniest thing ever, she got my phone number and said she would be calling me. I had no idea what I was in for…


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